TSURUMI UNIVERSE : Submersible Sewage Pumps

Time is Class H Insulation !

We are delighted to announce that Class H insulation is now available as an option for TSURUMI UNIVERSE products (NH, NHB, NHC, NHU-series)! Class H insulation is known for its high temperature resistance. With this new option, the durability and reliability of TSURUMI UNIVERSE submersible pumps in harsh environments can be further improved.

Class H available upon request!

TSURUMI UNIVERSE is a brand of products from TSURUMI,

a leading company in the field of submersible pumps for 100 years.
It has been developed to further spread TSURUMI products to markets around the world.
Based on years of research and achievements,
the brand was developed with the aim of enhancing competitiveness,
while providing qualities equivalent to conventional models and TSURUMI's original features and functions.
Now, after thorough preparation,
we are releasing our NH-series pumps under the brand name of TSURUMI UNIVERSE.


  • NHB Channel Impeller, 4-pole
  • NHC Cutter Impeller, 2-pole
  • NHU Vortexl Impeller, 2-pole
  • NH Channel Impeller, 2-pole

The NHB, NHC, NHU, NH-series pumps of the TSURUMI UNIVERSE brand are heavy-duty submersible sewage pumps made of cast iron. In addition to the wide range of specifications featuring 50 to 500 mm discharge bore diameters and 0.75 to 150 kW motor output capacities, these series offer a variety of product lineups with three types of impellers: Channel, Cutter and Vortex types. The guide rail fitting device is applicable to all models, enabling easy installation and maintenance.

Equipped with a channel impeller, the NHB and NH series are Tsurumi's basic type of pumps and provide excellent solids matter passage. The NHC-series features cutter pumps built with a combination of a channel impeller and a specially structured suction cover, in which a tungsten carbide alloy cutting edge is brazed to the impeller vane, thus enabling solid and fibrous matters to be shredded at the suction port while pumping. The NHU-series provides a semi-vortex structure equipped with a vortex impeller, whereby minimizing potential troubles caused by clogging of solid and fibrous matters.

These series pumps are applicable to a wide spectrum of fields, such as raw water transfer in purifying tanks (Johkasou/septic tanks), wastewater treatment facilities, pumping stations and flood prevention equipment, and reservoirs of recreational facilities, as well as drainage of sewage and wastewater. The pumps integrate original technologies Tsurumi has perfected via years of research and achievements, to note our anti-wicking cable, dual inside mechanical seals with silicon carbide face, and Oil Lifter. In addition, with a design that thoroughly considers pump durability and wear resistance, these pumps enable continuous duty for a long period of time.
Tsurumi products feature a highly reliable design that ensures excellent durability and stable quality, contributes to stable operations of facilities, and results in remarkably reduced maintenance costs.

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  • 1. Anti-wicking Cable Entry

    Prevents water incursion due to capillary action should the cable sheath be damaged or the end of cable submerged. Also prevents moist air from infiltrating the motor housing and condensation from forming inside the housing due to temperature differences between the housing and outside air.

  • 2. Air Release Valve

    *excluding some models

    Fitted on/into the water jacket and/or the pump casing to prevent the air lock. When air flows through the valve, the ball stays at the bottom, but when the pumped water starts to flow, the ball closes the outlet because of its buoyancy.

  • 3. Motor Protector

    Circle Thermal Protector (7.5kW and below)

    Directly cuts the motor circuit if excessive heat builds up or overcurrent occurs in the motor.

    Miniature Thermal Protectors (11kW and above)

    React to excessive heat caused by dry-running. The bimetal strip opens to cause the control panel to shut the power supply.

  • 4. Water Jacket

    (NHB 55kW and above for 4-pole, 45kW and above for 6-pole)

    The pump is equipped with a water jacket, around the motor frame. A portion of the pumped liquid is allowed to flow into the water jacket to cool the motor. This design feature permits the unit to operate at low water levels for extended periods of time.

  • 5. Dual Inside Mechanical Seals with Silicon Carbide Faces

    Isolated in the oil chamber where a clean, non-corrosive and abrasion-free lubricating environment is maintained. Compared with the water-cooled outside mechanical seal, it reduces the risk of failure caused by dry-heating and adhering matter. The silicon carbide provides 5 times higher corrosion, wear and heat resistance than the tungsten carbide. Rubber parts of the upper and lower fixing rings are made of NBR or FPM (FKM), which provides higher resistance to heat and chemicals.

  • 6. Oil Lifter

    *excluding NHB 90kW and above

    Provides lubrication and cooling of the seal faces down to 1/3 of normal oil level, thus maintaining a stable shaft sealing effect and prolonging seal life longer. The Oil Lifter is Tsurumi original design.

  • 7. Leakage Sensor

    (11kW and above)

    Detects flooding into the oil chamber that may occur in a worst case scenario. When flooding is detected, signals are sent to operate the indicator lamps through the external control panel.

  • 8. Single/Triple/Quadruple Oil Seals + Labyrinth Ring

    (NHB 55kW and 75kW for 4-pole)

    Used as a “Dust Seal”, a number of oil seals from 1 to 4 protect the mechanical seal from abrasive particles. The labyrinth ring is equipped to provide a better countermeasure against wear caused by high pressure generated in the casing and improve the maintainability for pumps of 55kW and 75kW for 4-pole.

  • 9. Seal Pressure Relief Ports

    (NHB 22kW and above, and NH, NHC 5.5kW and above)

    Protect the mechanical seal from pump pressure. They also protect the seal face by discharging wear particles.

    • 10. Cast Iron Channel Impeller

      (NHB and NH)

    • Cast Iron Cutter Impeller


    • Cast Iron Vortex Impeller


    Minimizes potential troubles caused by clogging of solids, fibers and other foreign matter in pumped fluids.

  • 11. Mouth Ring & Wear Ring

    (NHB 22kW and above, excluding 150NHB422H and 150NHB422)

    Prevent wear in the pump casing and suction cover, resulting in reduced maintenance costs.


  • Impeller Channel

    The impeller is shrouded type with one or two vanes. It has a wide channel extending from inlet to exit, which allows the pump to pass the solid matters from inflow to discharge with minimal blockage.

  • Impeller Cutter

    The impeller is a semi-open type with two vanes. Two sintered tungsten carbide alloy edges are brazed on two impeller vanes, and they rotate on a saw-tooth suction port of a suction cover. This mechanism allows to cut up the solid and fibrous matters flowed into the impeller to discharge them.

  • Impeller Vortex

    The impeller is a vortex type. The rotation of the impeller produces a whirling, centrifugal action between the impeller and pump casing. Being coupled with a wide pump casing, even large solids and fibrous matters can be pumped out without obstruction.

  • NHPU

The NHPU-series is a compact, lightweight submersible resin-made pump designed for a variety of applications. They are primarily used for circulating water in koi ponds, aquaculture facilities, and water features like waterfalls in garden settings, making them ideal for horticultural purposes. Since they use food-grade liquid paraffin as lubricating oil, the pumps are safe and fish-friendly.

In addition, NHPU pumps can be used in industrial settings, such as factories, as well as in small-scale wastewater treatment facilities. The pumps are made of resin and 316L stainless steel shaft, which delivers excellent corrosion resistance.

Moreover, they can be easily installed in tight spaces including inside of septic tanks, small-sized wastewater treatment plants and kitchen wastewater traps in homes and office buildings.

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