Pumps with Channel Impeller

Discharge Bore(mm) 50 - 150
Motor Output(kW) 1.5 - 7.5

The NH-series is a cast iron made, submersible sewage pump utilizing 2-pole motor. This impeller is a shrouded two-channel impeller. Each channel is designed to have a larger area and it enables the pump to be suitable for pumping wastewater containing a certain size of solids. The pumps are available in six motor sizes ranging from 1.5 to 7.5kW and available in either High Head or High Volume Type.

Performance Curves

It is not recommended to operate the unit continuously along the dashed curve.

Model Selection 50/60Hz
50 50NH21.5 1.5 Three D.O.L.
50 50NH22.2 2.2 Three D.O.L.
50 50NH23.0 3.0 Three D.O.L.
50 50NH24.0 4.0 Three D.O.L.
50 50NH25.5 5.5 Three D.O.L.
80 80NH24.0 4.0 Three D.O.L.
80 80NH24.0L (60Hz) 4.0 Three D.O.L.
80 80NH25.5 5.5 Three D.O.L.
100 100NH25.5 5.5 Three D.O.L.
100 100NH27.5 7.5 Three D.O.L.
150 150NH27.5 7.5 Three D.O.L.

Guide Rail Fitting model available. Refer to the individual catalog.